Importance of Education

An education is the most fundamental experience anyone will have in their lifetime. Every person who has ever lived and living has one form of education or another. Education is the acquisition of knowledge, beliefs, skills or certain values and it starts from the day we are born. We can educate ourselves through learning or we can educate others.

The more we know, the better educated we are, the better we become. The human race has constantly benefited with higher forms of education. We greatly improve our way of living and the life of others through greater education. Through generations we pass on the education we acquire to those who come after us. Those who come after us take the knowledge and skills we imparted on them and continue improving the world we live in for the better. Without education, we as a species would be stagnant, never growing, never learning, never improving.  Through constant learning and passing on this experience of an education, we make our lives and the world as a whole a better one.